Rock-Garden Almost Hits Rock-Bottom

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Two homeowners in Mendota Illinois had built a beautiful rock-garden in their front yard that made you feel as if you were in Arizona. In fact, that’s exactly what they were going for. They spent years, and thousands of dollars, picking out the exact variety of plants, decor, rocks, etc, making it the perfect desert retreat. There was only one little problem, and it wasn’t so little. The camera inspection showed cast iron sewer pipe that was old and decaying to the point of near collapse. The homeowners were told it had to be completely replaced. So, what do you do when you have a broken sewer pipe running under your finished basement, through your foundation, and underneath the landscaping you treasure so much? Do you rip it up, spending more money trying to put it back together again? Do you plant new grass and count it as a lost cause? These homeowners found a creative money, time, and landscape saving alternative.

The process of residential sewer lining is relatively new to the market. There are many different methods and materials Ben Franklin Northern Illinois uses to create a new, trench-free sewer. One of the methods is called Pull-In-Place. This process only requires two points of entry for the new sewer line. In this case, the points were in the basement where an access point had to be made only a foot deep and the other access point was through an existing clean-out in the front yard. Once the two points are established, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois used a hydro-jet(essentially a pressure washer for pipes) to cleanout the existing line. Once that process is finished, it takes only a couple hours for the brand new sewer pipe to be installed by using the revolutionary Perma-Liner Technology. Once installed, it needs only 8 hours to cure and what you are left with is a seamless, brand new sewer line. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner Technologies give the homeowner complete peace of mind by offering a 50 year, transferable warranty. With a deal that good, it is impossible to lose out.

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