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we are the leaders in Sewer Repair specializing in Trenchless, no dig, solutions for your home or business. We have been offering Trenchless technology here in the greater Chicago area for over 14 years (not combined experience but actual years installing). We are a Perma Liner Platinum Installer Member since 2009 – Certificate.

Over the last 14 years Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois has installed over hundreds and hundreds of trenchless sewer pipe lining jobs. We are you best choice when it comes to experienced trenchless sewer lining installations. Contact us today and speak with one of our certified technicians and we would be happy to provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE. All of our lining work comes with a manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY.

If you need the best pipe inspection Chicago has to offer, turn to Ben Franklin. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bonded, licensed and fully insured, Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois can replace or repair your sewer line without the nightmare of destroying your yard, driveway, porch, garage, or parking lot. For Chicago metro municipal public works directors in need of sewer repair why tear up a street when you can all Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois?

Most underground pipes and pipe systems are more than 50 years old. However, more often than not, Pipe failure, is not determined simply by age or how long the pipe has been in the ground. Pipe failure can sometimes be determined by the “load”— or the amount of water or sewage running through a pipe at a given time — the pipe load stress has increased in areas with growing populations.

When faced with repairing or upgrading the Water and Sewer system, when performed by traditional “dig and replace” methods, can be very expensive and can be extremely disruptive to businesses and the communities. We can help to mitigate the repair costs with our proven Trenchless Technologies. Our trenchless pipe lining systems offer, minimal excavation and minimal disruption.

Trenchless Sewer, Water and Pipe Rehabilitation is a highly efficient and minimally invasive technique that involves the repair or replacement of an existing damaged or failing pipe without having to physically dig it up and replace it.

The technology has quickly become the preferred method for rehabilitating aging, failing water and sewer infrastructure. With latest advancements trenchless replacement solutions here at Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, we should also be considered your first option for any residential, commercial or municipal sewer and water infrastructure repairs.

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