How Much Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost?

How_much_costIf you’ve asked how much does trenchless sewer repair cost, you might be surprised to find out that the cost can vary significantly depending on how extensive the repair job is, how many repairs need to be made, and several other factors. In many cases, trenchless sewer repair will cost significantly less than other repair methods that require a trench to be dug. The reason why costs are usually lower is due to the faster repair time that trenchless sewer repair offers, along with other unique benefits.

Pipe relining and pipe bursting have different costs

Pipe relining is the method of repairing a sewer pipe by installing a pipe liner using trenchless methods, and leavening the old pipe in place and intact. This creates a pipe within a pipe, and the new pipe is very durable and strong. This method can cost anywhere from $70 up to $125 per foot due to the fact that it can be performed without requiring any trenches to be dug which protects walkways and landscape features from damage. The cost is slightly higher than pipe bursting on average.

Pipe bursting is about the same cost

Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe repair method that involves installing a completely new pipe while destroying the old pipe using a bursting head. The average cost per foot of pipe bursting is about $60 to $105 per foot. You can expect to pay a little less for pipe bursting in many cases, but the type of method used will depend on the recommendation of your plumbing company. Both methods are priced at about the same cost, and your plumbing company can let you know which method might work the best depending on the type of job needed.

Traditional sewer repair can be very expensive

Traditional sewer repair methods that require a trench to be dug can be quite expensive, and they are certainly not necessarily a good option for you. For instance, they can range anywhere from $100 to $150 per foot, if the job is relatively simple and there is minimal excavation required. If there are more landscaping features that need to be removed or replaced, or if the sewer line is very deep, the cost can run as high as $250 per square foot or more. Obviously this is not desirable, and to learn how much trenchless sewer repair will cost for your specific repair, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.