Drain Cleaning

Drain_CleaningIf you have wondered why drain cleaning is necessary, you probably haven’t had a significant problem that has resulted from a lack of drain cleaning yet. If you operate a business that often uses its drain, or if you have home with a history of drain clogs and problems, you may want to consider an annual drain cleaning to help to prevent future drain blockages and other issues. An annual drain cleaning can ensure that your drains continue to function and it can remove clogs and debris before they fully block your drain and cause a backup or other issues.

Drain cleaning technology can be used to spot problems

A main reason why drain cleaning on an annual basis might be a good idea is the fact that your drain cleaning company can often spot problems with your plumbing system using technology. For example, if there is any deterioration along the pipe, it can be spotted with the camera inspection system that is sometimes used during a drain cleaning. You can schedule an inspection of your entire plumbing system along with your drain cleaning at the same time and save money, and potential issues can be caught before they become costly.

Clogs and debris are removed

A drain cleaning will catch the debris, grease, hair, food, or other materials that have started to build up in your drain. If you have dealt with drain blockages in the past, you know that they often recur, and you also know how difficult they are to deal with. A drain cleaning will remove the debris before it starts to accumulate, and it will protect your drain and allow the plumbing system in your home or business to continue to operate as needed.

Protect your home from water damage

A backed up drain can cause fixtures to leak water or sewage into your home or business, and this type of mess can end up being very costly to repair. Water or sewage can cost sometimes irreversible repair to your furniture, carpet, walls, and other parts of your home or business. If you’ve had water damage in the past as a result of a blocked drain you definitely don’t want to ever have to deal with it again, so an annual drain cleaning is a good idea.

If you’ve had any type of blockage with your drain, a backed up sewer line, or other issues, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280 to find out why drain cleaning on an annual basis is a good option for you.