How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

How_does_it_workIf you’re wondering how trenchless sewer repair works, the fundamental concept is fairly basic, however the method uses advanced equipment and technology. It is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to repair a wide range of different types of pipe issues and sewer problems. There are two main trenchless sewer repair technologies that are used: pipe bursting and pipe relining. Both of these methods will be described in brief detail in this article, but for more information about them you should contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois.

Pipe lining installs a cured in place pipe

The method of pipe lining installs a cured in place pipe, which is essentially a new pipe installed directly within the old pipe. A pipe liner that is coated with a resin is directed into the old pipe and inflated. The new liner cures within a few hours in most cases, and the new pipe is very strong and seamless. This type of pipe repair is a good option when there is deterioration as a result of age or due to tree root invasion.

Pipe bursting destroys the old pipe and replaces it

Pipe bursting is another method of pipe repair that you may want to consider, and this method is another option that may be recommended to you based on the requirements of your project. Pipe bursting is also trenchless and it is accomplished by digging small access holes and feeding a bursting head through. The bursting head is used to break up the old pipe, while a new pipe is immediately installed behind it. This creates a completely new pipe without having to maintain any part of the old pipe, and the new pipe is resistant to root intrusion and also usually rated for several decades.

Talk to a professional plumbing company about trenchless repair methods

If you want to learn more about how trenchless sewer repair works, talk to a professional plumbing company like Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois. The professionals there can answer your questions regarding which type of method, pipe bursting or pipe lining will work best for you, and they can gave a specific recommendation for you. Call Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280 for a consultation and to find out more about this innovative technology that can protect your landscaping from damage and repair your pipes quickly and efficiently.