Broken Sewer Under Golf Rd Fixed With No Dig

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A new car dealership in Morton Grove Illinois is getting ready to open it’s doors. Construction was on schedule, until the construction company found a small problem…and it wasn’t so small. They found an 8″ sewer pipe leading from the building was cracked, broken, and needed to be replaced. Ripping up pavement and dirt that is 15 feet deep and trenching it is a big problem on its own. The problem only got worse when they discovered the broken pipe ran under a major intersection of Golf Road. The already exorbitant cost of doing the job had sky-rocketed, and threatened to put a halt to construction. Desperate for a more economical solution, the new property owners clicked on the Ben Franklin Northern Illinois website and learned about the solution they were hoping for. Sewer Lining with Perma-Liner Trenchless Technology. All it took was the click of the mouse and Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was on the job site the very next day.

The first step in the sewer lining process is to have the sewer line camera’d and recorded with a camera inspection. The inspection revealed bad cracks and missing pipe under the sidewalk and road. The next step is to completely clean out the pipe with the process of hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting cuts out roots, scale, dirt, etc until the pipe is completely clear. It is at this point that the sewer is ready to be lined. The lining material is soft at first and filled with a mixture of two types of resins, allowing air pressure to shoot the liner in within the existing pipe itself. The resin heats up and hardens, permanently bonding the new pipe to the old pipe. The very next day you are left with one solid, seamless, joint-less, pipe that Ben Franklin Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner back up with a 50 year transferable warranty.
Most of my readers do not own giant car dealerships, but the beauty of this new technology is works in both commercial and residential applications and is available at fractions of the cost.
Have you ever dealt with sewer backups?
Do you know the condition of your sewer?
Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois today!!

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