Do you need Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining Services in Dekalb?

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DeKalb is fast growing and so is its piping and plumbing industry. The industry has put together innovative ideas and combined it with current technology to make their work simple and efficient. Major plumbing companies in the area such as Ben Franklin Plumbing among many more are have improved their service delivery and mode of communication making it easier to reach them. The companies have official websites and contact numbers through which one can get to them in case of emergencies.

CIPP Technology

The Cured-in-Place-Pipe sewer and drain replacement service is probably one of the most efficient services of all time. In less than four hours, one can get the entire piping system of their houses replaced with better and stronger pipes, without having to dig through the walls and trenches. You don’t have to worry about the pipes being redirected as they tend to follow the exact same path followed by the older pipes. The new pipes are cheaper than the others, faster and remain clean over long periods of time.

How the service works

The technicians will need just one entry point to then old pipes. The new pipes are then installed in the old pipes. The thickness of the new pipe is totally small hence the internal diameter reduction tends to be very insignificant. For repairs, cameras are used to locate faults in the pipes. Ones the faults are established, it becomes easier for them to repair again without having to dig through the walls to get to the pipes.

The Cured-in-place-pipe-lining procedure

The underground broken sewer pipes are first cleaned using high speed water jets removing dirt and any scales caused by corrosion.

The line is then inspected using a video camera which gets plenty of information including the lengths and diameter of the pipes.

A pipe liner is measured and cut to the exact dimensions and mixed with epoxy resin.

It is then installed through the old piping system and made hard using air pressure.

The new material takes around three hours to completely harden and forma new pipe which can now be used.

Advantages of trenchless pipe repair in DeKalb

Unlike traditional methods, this approach takes less time whether it is installing or repairing the pipes.

The cost of repair or installation is significantly reduced as the process doesn’t involve breaking through walls or digging through landscapes.

Safety and cleanliness of the house and surrounding is maintained.

Businesses and other operations are able to keep running smoothly even as the pipes are being laid ensuring no downtime cost.

The repairs and replacements come with a long warranty (some even up to 5 years) as the new materials are long lasting.

The service providers in DeKalb have done major works with industries, new and upcoming firms and even large commercial properties who hire them for their services. The technicians therefore have a vast experience in the area. Finding the services should be a walk in the park as all one needs to do is search for them in the internet search engines.

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