What is a Chicago Roof Drain Lining?

Chicago Roof LiningA Chicago roof drain lining can be used to repair any roof drain that may have faults like leaks or deteriorated sections. It allows the existing roof drain to remain in its place while an epoxy liner is installed within it. The liner is durable, seamless, and can cover the full length of the drain if it is needed, or only the sections that have deteriorated. A roof drain lining may be installed as an alternative to replacing the entire drain, and this can save a substantial amount of time and ensure that the drain is restored back to normal without long delays.

A roof drain lining can be quickly installed

One of the top reasons to consider a Chicago roof drain lining is the fact that it can be installed in a shorter amount of time than it takes to replace the roof drain. A full replacement can add several more days to the installation time and more money because it can be complicated and difficult. Some roof drains are elaborate and replacing them can be troublesome. A roof drain lining can be installed in a much shorter time because the entire system can be left in place while an epoxy is installed only on the parts of the drain that have been compromised or damaged. The same technique is used to repair sewer lines without having to dig a trench, and it basically restores complete functionality to the drain. Roof drains are often referred to as sewer stacks or vertical rain drains.

Letting roof drain problems sit can be costly

Roof drains can deteriorate over time as some of them are made with materials like cast iron that can corrode. Leaks from roof drains can result in water damage to a building, and the damage can quickly progress, causing thousands of dollars of repair costs. An epoxy roof drain lining can be installed in a short period of time and fix any current problems that are causing water damage and ensure that the roof drain is functioning the way that it should. It will also allow the existing drain to remain in place and in general it is both a cost and time saving method that is usually preferred whenever it is available.

Roof drain linings are durable and long lasting

A Chicago roof drain lining is durable and designed to last for several years. Older roof drains can eventually corrode or break down over time, and if they are not maintained or reinforced with a drain lining they can eventually start to decline in their function. A drain lining is a convenient way to restore functionality to a roof drain and allow it to remain in place, and the lining will often last for several decades and reduce the need for future maintenance and repairs. Often times a roof drain will need to be repaired in a short period of time in order to reduce water damage, and roof drain linings have some of the shortest installation times but still offer much in terms of the quality of the repair and the durability and longevity of the material used for the lining.

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