Darien Homeowner Panics At The Prospect Of Having To Rip Up $$$ Teak Hardwood Flooring!!! Until…

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It is very important to have your sewer inspected with a camera while in the process of buying or selling a home. Even the best and most aggressive of home inspectors can not look inside the homes pipes and sewer. Not knowing the condition of the sewer can account for major, unexpected costs. We aren’t just talking a few hundred dollars either. Sewer repairs in a typical single family home can cost upwards of $30,000. So what do you do when you purchase a new home, spend thousands of dollars on upgrades (hardwood floors, granite counter tops, custom cabinets, etc,) only to find that once you have finished renovating, the sewer needs to be completely replaced? Do you tear out the new floors, fixtures, bedrooms, and bathrooms? Or do you find a time-saving solution that allows you to not flush your time and money down the toilet? (Pun Intended)

This customer in Darien chose the latter. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois came out the very next day. With fully certified, licensed,  trained personnel, and the revolutionary technology Perma-Liner, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to completely re-line the sewer from within the sewer itself. Using Perma-Liner, the brand new sewer takes only hours to cure. What you are left with is a perfectly round, smooth, seamless piece of pipe. All while being able to leave the floors, fixtures, and rooms unharmed. With a 50 year transferable warranty given by both Perma-Liner and Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, it is impossible to lose out. Teamed with Perma-Liner, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to restore normalcy to the homeowners lives again.

Are you in the middle of buying or selling a home?

Do you know the condition of your sewer?

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois today!!


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