Sectional Pipe Repair

sectional_repairIf you are in need of sectional pipe repair lining in Chicago, it helps to learn a little bit about the repair method and why it might be a good option for you. Sectional pipe repair is a method of installing a liner on just one section of a pipe rather than throughout the entire pipe. This method allows the repair to be much more targeted, and in general it is a lower cost and most efficient method than other types of pipe repairs or replacements that are not as specific.

The pipe is structurally repaired at the needed points without digging a trench

Sectional pipe repair lining for the pipes in your Chicago home or business is often a preferable option because it does not require a trench. A sectional pipe liner can be installed through a small access hole, and the landscape is protected from the damage that a trench can cause. Almost any type of piping can be repaired with a sectional pipe repair lining including clay, cast iron, PVC, and wood, and the method has become a popular choice for municipalities due to the efficiency.

A sectional pipe repair lining can be installed on a portion of the pipe

A sectional pipe repair often involves installing a pipe liner on the section that is damaged or that needs to be supported. For example, there may be a 10 foot section of a pipe that has deteriorated by tree roots and debris, but the remainder of the pipe may be clear. A sectional liner can be installed on the 10 foot portion that needs to be protected from tree roots. The existing pipe can remain in place while the liner is used to ensure that the damaged portion of the pipe can continue to function.

Several municipalities prefer sectional pipe repair

Sectional pipe repair is often used for maintenance because its lower cost compared to other methods. It eliminates the need for large excavation sites which end up disrupting the flow of traffic and causing other problems. Local governments often prefer to avoid this type of disruption, which means that they will often hire companies that use sectional pipe repair as one of their main repair methods. For more information about how a sectional pipe repair lining might be a good option for your pipe repair in Chicago, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois at 630-883-4280.