Trenchless Sewer Repair


Why Trenchless Repair?

Trenchless_Pipe_trenchlessThere are many reasons why trenchless repair may be right for your next sewer repair. Trenchless pipe repair offers you the ability to repair most sewer problems without having to damage your landscape or cause other problems with it. Trenchless repair can be a good option when you don’t want to have an extensive repair job that takes a long period of time to fix, and it can be used for several different types of sewer repairs. There are multiple methods of trenchless pipe repair that may be used for your next repair job depending on your needs and requirements.


Pipelining can repair your pipes without digging a trench

Pipelining is the process of inserting a pipe within a deteriorated or an older pipe. This method can be used to repair an outdated pipe without having to dig a trench, and it is as good as replacing the pipe entirely. Pipelining can be performed from a rooftop or from outside of a building, and there is a small and minimally invasive hole dug for the method. Pipelining can be used for several different types of pipe repairs, and if pipelining is a possibility it is often recommended.

Trenchless repair is often more affordable

Another thing to consider is the fact that trenchless pipe repair is often much more affordable than other methods of pipe repair. Digging a trench often requires more time, which in turn will usually cost you more money. You also have to deal with the cost of repairing your landscape, which can cost you a significant amount of money, especially if you have a very detailed landscape with several features that were damaged. You won’t have to worry about that at all with trenchless repair, and the ability to protect your landscape is a main reason why trenchless repair has increased in popularity.

Fewer inconveniences

Another main reason why trenchless repair has become more popular is the fact that there are fewer inconveniences compared to other methods of pipe repair. The overall project takes a much shorter period of time, meaning that any traffic disruption, whether it is vehicle or foot traffic, is minimized as much as possible. This can be preferable both for residential units and businesses. For more information about the benefits of trenchless pipe repair, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois at 630-883-4280 to ask any questions that you may have at all.