Trenchless Pipe & Trenchless Sewer Repair Chicago

Trenchless_Pipe_trenchlessNo homeowner likes finding out that a sewer repair is necessary. But sewer repair doesn’t have to be as much of a headache — or as much of a drain on your pocketbook — as it once was. There are now several so-called trenchless sewer repair methods available on the residential market. These can get your sewer pipes working in top, like-new condition without workers digging up much of your yard to get to the lines, saving you both time and money.

If you’re just dealing with a blocked line, then mechanical drain cleaning and/or hydro-jetting may be your best options. These use either rotating machines or water pressure to clean out drain lines, leaving them pristine and able to operate efficiently.

If the problem is more severe, involving holes or cracks, then CIPP or pipe bursting may be in order. The former, which stands for “cured in place pipe,” involves inserting and then curing a liner that rehabilitates existing lines so efficiently that the liner generally lasts as long as a brand new pipe would. The latter is an innovative process that allows a damaged pipe to be replaced without digging it up. A special machine is used to destroy the old pipe while simultaneously putting a new pipe into place. The best part of this route is that only two holes, called launching and receiving pits, are needed to execute it, meaning the ground above your sewer lines stays intact (while this option is most often talked about in relation to sewer pipes, it can also be applied for other types of buried lines, such as water or natural gas).

Keep in mind when planning a trenchless repair that not all companies have the resources and experience to complete a quality job; just typing “trenchless sewer repair Chicago” or “trenchless pipe repair Chicago” into Google and clicking on the first result may not get you the service and results that you want. When choosing a trenchless plumbing company, ensure that you’re giving the most weight in your decision-making process to good references and years of experience.