Country Club Sewer Pipe has a Hole In One

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The main sewer line coming from the kitchen through the men’s locker room at Kishwaukee Country Club, was continuing to back up raw sewage on to the carpet in the men’s locker room. This had been an ongoing problem for years. The KCC board of directors had several other plumbing companies try to solve the problem but none of them had any success.

Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois was called in, and through their Drainvision camera system they discovered the 40 year old cast iron main sewer pipe had the bottom rotted out of it from the years of acidic liquids running through it. The pipe was inside the building and located directly under a basement concrete foundation wall. Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to line the pipe using their Perma-Liner cured-in-place pipe lining system and the problem was finally solved for good!

Got tough plumbing and or sewer problems? Do what the big guys do and call in Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois. We can help you too!

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