3 Things You’ll Save with Trenchless Sewer Repair (#3 Is Essential!)

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trenchless sewer repairIf you’ve had problems with the plumbing for your home and had the pipes underground leak, then you may be in for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. This is especially true if your home’s sewer connection is 40 years old or more. However, there is a newer option that can save homeowners from having to dig up their yards and potentially pay $20,000 or more. Trenchless sewer and pipe repair has become more popular throughout the past 10 years as a simpler and less expensive option that can restore your home’s plumbing just as well as a traditional plumbing repair.

Getting trenchless sewer repair for your home’s pipes won’t just save you money, though. There are other advantages to using this technology to fix your home’s sewer connection. Check out these three advantages to find out what trenchless repairs to your sewer line can save you:

1. Trenchless sewer repair saves money.

If a water main near your home has burst, or if a wastewater pipe has broken down, then it can cost thousands of dollars. That simply isn’t feasible for many homeowners who depend upon their sewer connection to remove waste. Trenchless repair fixes a pipe only where it needs it with a new pipe lining, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe, and it costs far less on average than needlessly replacing the whole system.

2. Choosing trenchless pipe repair can take less time.

In order to replace a sewer line, most contractors will have to dig several feet down and replace the entire pipe to the house, not just one part. However, trenchless sewer repairs, which have been around about 10 to 15 years as of 2015, will only replace what needs replacing. This technology, which is just as durable as a full pipe replacement, won’t require a lengthy repair process for the pipe or the yard, and it often comes with warranties for anywhere from 10 to 50 years.

3. Using trenchless sewer and pipe repairs can reduce your frustration.

Dealing with broken plumbing in a home is not an easy experience for anyone, and it can disrupt your living situation, too. Sewers that are 40 years or older often require replacement, and homeowners in older neighborhoods may have to fix those pipes by digging large trenches through their yards. In addition to the other repairs and replacements that older homes tend to need, this process is nothing more than a pain for homeowners. The trenchless system, however, makes repairs easy by focusing on one spot — not the entire yard.

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