Sewer Line Inspection–A Guide for Diagnosis of Sewer Line Problems

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The sewer line pipes in the homes and streets of Aurora perform an essential job. If there is a malfunction, then there is a health concern. This is not a time for any guesswork. The use of technology in a sewer video inspection is one of the most reliable and rapid methods of diagnosing line problems. High-resolution video cameras are one of the most valuable diagnostic tools in the plumbing business today. The specially made waterproof camera provides a visual inspection of sewer lines that are underground and under your home’s foundation.

Usually, there are indicators of sewer problems before a pressing situation occurs. When there is a specific foul odor in the air and slow drains, it is time to reach out to skilled experts. Highly trained professionals with cutting edge technology use sewer video inspection to locate the problem.

What is a Sewer Video Inspection?

Unfortunately, most homeowners wait to call a plumbing company or a specialist in sewer line video inspection until there is a problem that can not be solved with a plunger and/or drain cleaners. A sewer video inspection is a process where a flexible rod with an attached camera at the tip runs through your waste pipes. The rod and camera are referred to as a video line. The video line may extend from the pipes that lead from bathtubs and faucets to your house’s main sewer line that connects to Aurora’s municipal sewer line on the street. As the video line snakes through the sewer lines, radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location of any defect or problem. A technician watches and analyzes the close-up views of your pipes in real-time on a monitor. This removes any guess work about the location of the problem. When a problem area is discovered, some plumbers have a technician place a small flag to mark the spot. Other professionals prefer to use the print-out of the inspection’s report which shows the statistics of the problem area. The printed report is a valuable resource, especially if you continue to experience problems. The video line inspection process is an accurate method of using current technology to resolve any issues or concerns.

What Problems Can Sewer Video Inspections Expose?

• Blockages
• Cracks in the pipes that produce leaks
• Shifting soil that offsets the pipes.
• Corrosion from chemicals.
• Collapsed pipes.
• Root intrusion.
• Grease accumulation.

After a diagnosis is made, the technicians are ready to correct the problem. A follow-up inspection needs to be repeated after any service is performed. This verifies that the line has been properly cleaned or repaired.

Are Sewer Line Video Inspections Just for Homes?

The use of sewer line video inspections is not limited to homes. Towns and cities use this technology. Sewer lines are sometimes placed beneath streets or sidewalks. Using available tools and technologies make locating and diagnosing the problem much faster and easier. Ultimately, this saves cities, such as Aurora, less in money. Sewer line inspections save time and labor. Employees do not need to do an inspection by moving from one man-hole to another. When diagnosing damaged sewer lines beneath roadways, sidewalks or other properties, sewer video inspection tools are used to pinpoint the exact cause and the extent of damage without digging. This reduces the amount of space that is disrupted. It reduces additional work and funds to restore the site. Since this method saves the municipality (Aurora) money, then hopefully the citizens benefit from the use of video line inspections.

What Are the Benefits of a Sewer Line Video Inspection?

It is much more labor efficient than digging and checking at various areas. Also, this helps preserve the landscape. While the technician is monitoring the inspection, he can identify possible problems that could happen in the future. Solving an urgent problem, allows for a preventive inspection at the same time. Actually, you are able to purchase your own sewer line inspection kit from major home improvement stores for a few hundred dollars, but they have a much shorter video line than a professional company uses. Home inspection kits could be helpful if you are looking to see if a lost ring in a drainpipe. Otherwise, it is wiser to use a professional service if you are experiencing any problems with your drainage system.

By using a sewer line video inspection, the diagnosis and repair work is performed quickly and efficiently. There is minimal interference so that life returns to normal for your family and the city.

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