Rochelle Relies on Ben Franklin Plumbing

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Tapping into a sewer line can be a cheap, easy, and clean process. Depending on the home and equipment however, it can be a very messy, difficult, and expensive process as well. “Cleanouts” determine the ease of access into a sewer, and the more cleanouts you have, the better and cheaper the repair will be. Cleanouts allow the plumber to tap into the line at specific points in the plumbing system. Generally speaking, the older your home is, the fewer cleanouts there are. It is important to have cleanouts inside your home, but it is  very important to have a cleanout outside your home as well.

Having an outside cleanout is important for many different reasons. If a backup happens in the sewer outside the home, an outside may be the only way of clearing that blockage short of digging up your yard. Another benefit to an outside cleanout is the mess that can be incurred when the blockage is cleared from inside the home. Camera inspection and sewer equipment is large, heavy, and very difficult to clean thoroughly. Not to mention that due to the contents of a sewer, opening up the sewer lines from inside the home produces a powerful and unpleasant smell. An outside cleanout gives the homeowner flexibility allowing the plumber to work outdoors, saving a smelly mess from being created inside your home as well as time for you the homeowner and the plumber as well. As we are all familiar with, “time is money.” For the homeowners that have landscaping, another benefit to a cleanout is that they can be easily hidden. They can be hidden in flower beds, bushes, under rocks or stones, even under the grass.

A homeowner in Rochelle had a major problem that needed to be fixed fast. Due to root intrusion, she had her sewer rodded almost on a yearly basis. With no easy access and a sewer line that ran over fifty feet, the temporary fixes were getting very pricey. The extensive use of rodding and root pressure left the sewer very weak.  When the clay tile sewer finally bottomed out, she didn’t know what to do.

Luckily for her, she called Ben Franklin Northern Illinois. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois came out that same day. Digging to the point that was the major problem for this homeowner, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois killed two birds with one stone (sorry for the metaphor PETA.) By cutting out the bad section of pipe, securing the connection, and placing an easily hidden cleanout in the yard, the homeowner is able to relax knowing there is a cheaper and easier solution to any future problem she may have.

Do you have an outside cleanout?

Is it easy to access your sewer in case of an emergency?

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois today!!

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