Ben Franklin Plumbing Keeps Railroads Riding

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Railroads have a storied history. Since 1829, they have carried goods and passengers effeciently and inexpensively. Railroads even helped change the course of the civil war.  The importance of the railroads have not diminished over the years, as a train carried the olympic torch to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. With over 175 years of riding the rails, railroads have seen nearly every natural disaster known to man. It was an unseen problem however that threatened to slow the trains down. A giant problem was lying underneath a major crossing in Northlake IL, just outside of Chicago.

Flooding issues led to the railroad having to upgrade their storm system. The storm sewer was in bad shape, and the camera inspestion showed it was almost to the point of collapse. What needed to be done was going to take weeks, maybe even months, to finish.

Compounding the problem was strict national security concerns. Anyone contracted to work on a major railroad are subject to extensive background checks, and also needed to be railsafe.

Luckily for the railroad, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to kill two birds with one stone. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois mandates every employee must undergo a background check and take random drug screenings. Also having been railsafe, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was now contracted to work on the railroad. Shutting down the railroad for weeks, if not months, was out of the question however. That’s when Ben Franklin Northern Illinois offered a time and money saving, no dig sollution. Perma-Liner trenchless sewer lining technology.

With Perma-Liner trenchless sewer lining technology, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to re-line the storm sewer from within the existing sewer itself. What could have ended up taking months, took only two days to complete. With a 50 year transferable warranty given by Ben Franklin Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner, it is impossible to lose.

Do you suffer from flooding?

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