Ben Franklin Plumbing Gets Busses Rolling

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Westway Coaches in Lemont Illinois supplies busses for schools, charters, sports teams, even bachelor and bachelorette parties. Westway Coaches have such a large fleet, they have multiple maintainence facilities. Business was flowing very well, unfortunately the sewer was not.

The sewer line was composed of old, corroded, and broken cast iron pipe and was causing backups regularly. There were two problems, aside from the obvious one. The maintainence facility this took place in was their main branch, where they do work on the major school busses. The other major problem was the sewer was deep, and they couldn’t rip up the floor to replace the sewer without incurring MAJOR expenditures.

Luckily they (like you are right now) were online and researching their different options. That is when Ben Franklin Northern Illinois popped up on the computer screen. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois has been doing sewer lining for many years now, and has fixed every problem that can arise with a sewer line. This problem was no different. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois sent out a team of certified, licensed, and trained lining technicians straight to the job site and assessed the situation.

The Perma-Liner certified technicians started out by hydro-jetting the sewer line. A hydro-jet is essentially a pressure washer for the inside of your pipes. Once the line was free and clear of roots, debris, etc, it was then ready to be re-lined. There are several different ways of lining a sewer. The method used for Westway Coaches was Pull-In-Place. This method needs two access points,  mixing the resin(which is what hardens the pipe) and literally pulling the new sewer line in place. Since it cures over night, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois gave them a new sewer in only a day and a half with minimul disturbance and zero digging. What they were left with is one smooth, round, seamless sewer pipe that Ben Franklin Northern Illinois and Perma-Liner fully guarantee for 50 years.

Do you have a broken sewer?

Do you not want to spend the time and money fixing it the traditional way?

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois today!!

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