Tools of The Trade

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I’ve been Emailed questions from readers who just can’t visualize exactly what I am talking about, so this blog is to show the readers the tools of our trade. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois saves home and business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by offering sewer re-ling as opposed to the old-fashioned way […]

Trenchless Sewer Repair On Chicago Toll Road

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The Chicago Skyway Bridge is a 7.8-mile toll road built in 1958 to connect the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Indiana Toll Road. In 2002, the Chicago Skyway attracted a record 18.7 million motorists whose tolls amounted to $43 million dollars in revenue–twice the $21.5 million in tolls collected in 1993. In 2003, during the […]

Broken Sewer Under Golf Rd Fixed With No Dig

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A new car dealership in Morton Grove Illinois is getting ready to open it’s doors. Construction was on schedule, until the construction company found a small problem…and it wasn’t so small. They found an 8″ sewer pipe leading from the building was cracked, broken, and needed to be replaced. Ripping up pavement and dirt that […]


Naperville Illinois Broken Sewer Cost-Sharing Program

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In tough economic times like these, trying to save money is at the top of everyone’s priority list. It’s not only homeowners trying to save money though. Cities and municipalities are also looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. One major expense facing municipalities is due to infiltration and inflow, or I&I. I&I […]


Ben Franklin Plumbing Gets Busses Rolling

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Westway Coaches in Lemont Illinois supplies busses for schools, charters, sports teams, even bachelor and bachelorette parties. Westway Coaches have such a large fleet, they have multiple maintainence facilities. Business was flowing very well, unfortunately the sewer was not. The sewer line was composed of old, corroded, and broken cast iron pipe and was causing backups regularly. […]