What You Should Know About a Chicago Sewer Video Inspection

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If you are having problems with your sewer line such as backups or blockages, you may need a professional Chicago sewer video inspection from a service in the area. A video inspection can find the source of the issue and locate the exact area of obstruction, and it is a fast and convenient way to […]


Chicago Sewer Line Replacement

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If you are in need of a Chicago sewer line replacement, a trenchless replacement may meet your needs without having to disrupt or damage your landscaping or property. Businesses that need to maintain their image or homes that have expensive landscaping will definitely want to consider trenchless replacement methods, and the technology has advanced significantly […]

Trenchless Sewer Repair On Chicago Toll Road

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The Chicago Skyway Bridge is a 7.8-mile toll road built in 1958 to connect the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Indiana Toll Road. In 2002, the Chicago Skyway attracted a record 18.7 million motorists whose tolls amounted to $43 million dollars in revenue–twice the $21.5 million in tolls collected in 1993. In 2003, during the […]

Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools Prefer Ben Franklin Plumbing

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In many places around the country, schools have just started another year. The last minute details and cleaning have just finished, and the school lies in wait. This is also the time where if a major problem did occur, it would be even more difficult to recover. The Chicago Public Schools, to save room, can […]

Ben Franklin Plumbing Keeps Railroads Riding

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Railroads have a storied history. Since 1829, they have carried goods and passengers effeciently and inexpensively. Railroads even helped change the course of the civil war.  The importance of the railroads have not diminished over the years, as a train carried the olympic torch to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. With over 175 years of […]