Tools of The Trade

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I’ve been Emailed questions from readers who just can’t visualize exactly what I am talking about, so this blog is to show the readers the tools of our trade. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois saves home and business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by offering sewer re-ling as opposed to the old-fashioned way of digging up your yard, floor, landscaping, etc. I will be describing what sewer lining is, what Ben Franklin Northern Illinois does it with, and how it is done.

Sewer lining is a revolutionary way of fixing your sewer from within the existing sewer pipe itself. All it requires is access to the sewer. Sometimes it requires digging a small access pit, and other times, like if there is an inside or outside cleanout, no digging at all is required. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois uses Perma-Liner products. A soft, felt-like material is then filled with a mixture of resin. Once the resin is completely mixed, the certified installers have anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of curing time. What makes this product great is the resin itself. While the product is curing, the resin mixture gets very hot, and then completely hardens up. When the resin is still liquefied, it is ran through rollers, making sure every bit of the liner is soaked. The soft liner is then placed inside an inversion machine and blown in through the existing sewer via air pressure. A calibration hose is then “shot” in directly after. The calibration hose is essentially a balloon that holds air in the liner keeping the liner round and smooth. Once fully cured, the calibration hose is pulled out and what you are left with is a perfectly smooth, round pipe that has a PVC grading.

The picture below shows what I like to call the “tools of the trade.” The white material on the front left is the liner itself. It is a threaded felt material that keeps the resin on the outside of the pipe. It does not allow the resin to seep through and harden on the inside of the pipe. The big machine in the middle is what Ben Franklin Northern Illinois uses to deliver the liner inside the sewer. The white buckets contain the resins, and the rollers on the right are what ensure the resin coats every bit of the new sewer line. The yellow roll on the left is the calibration hose which gets delivered to the pipe in the same manner as the liner. The rest of the trailer contains air hoses, air tanks, compressors, extension cords, you name it—Ben Franklin Northern Illinois has it.

Have you ever had your main sewer rodded? If you have, you will find that it happens more and more frequently. If the problem keeps coming back, it is time to start thinking about a permanent fix. The professional team from Ben Franklin Northern Illinois is there to answer any questions you may have about lining as well as tell you if your sewer is a good candidate.

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