Broken Sewer Under Golf Rd Fixed With No Dig

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A new car dealership in Morton Grove Illinois is getting ready to open it’s doors. Construction was on schedule, until the construction company found a small problem…and it wasn’t so small. They found an 8″ sewer pipe leading from the building was cracked, broken, and needed to be replaced. Ripping up pavement and dirt that […]


Naperville Illinois Broken Sewer Cost-Sharing Program

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In tough economic times like these, trying to save money is at the top of everyone’s priority list. It’s not only homeowners trying to save money though. Cities and municipalities are also looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. One major expense facing municipalities is due to infiltration and inflow, or I&I. I&I […]


Clay Tile Sewer Pipe Disaster in Mount Prospect

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CLAY TILE SEWER PIPE DISASTER IN MOUNT PROSPECT Sewer pipes come in several different materials. Each type has it’s usefulness, but bad consequences. A particular home in Mount Prospect happened to have it’s sewer made from clay tile. Clay tile is a cheap and widely used material to build a network of sewer pipes. Stability […]

Flying Ear of Corn

Saving a Flying Ear

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DeKalb Illinois Ag mogul Tom Roberts III, commissioned a house to be built by renowned architect and Chicago area native Harry Weese in the early 1970’s. Harry Weese’s work was so celebrated that he is labeled as, “the architect who shaped Chicago’s skyline.” He also had led the renovations on important buildings such as the […]


Ben Franklin Plumbing wins Trenchless Sales Award

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The Arizona Biltmore Hotel, a luxury resort in Phoenix Arizona, was the site of the Clockwork IP,LLC Franchisee Brand Dominance Convention. At their Awards Gala, Mark Carpenter of DeKalb and Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois received the award for the ‘Top Scoreboard Performer’ in Trenchless Sales Revenue. Not only did Ben Franklin Plumbing of […]