Ben Franklin Northern Illinois saves rustic log cabin home

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A beautiful log cabin home in Warrenville had a tough problem to fix. The previous owner of the home had elaborate landscaping throughout the lawn. The previous owner also made it so all of the storm water from the neighbors was funneled through a stream to a retention pond that filled up, then flowed through […]

Rockford Jefferson High School

Another School Saved From Having to Dig Up Grounds

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Jefferson High School in Rockford had a major problem. A pipe in the school had rotted to the point of leaking sewage through the concrete wall in the weight room. The gym and football equipment, as well as the lockers full of gym clothes were almost completely contaminated by this raw sewage. Worse still, was […]


Wendys Sewer Fixed Overnight

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Wendy’s restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois was facing a big problem. The cast iron sewer pipes in the restaurant were “rotted out” from the years of soda pop going down them. The bad pipes were located under the drive-thru lane where they connected to the manhole. The sewer kept backing on up them and the health […]

Elburn Fire Department

BFP and Perma-Liner Fix Fire Department Sewer Line

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The main drain lines in the Elburn Fire Department were backing up, causing a big mess in the firehouse that is normally spotless.  Fire Chief Tate Hayle contacted Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois to repair the main drain that ran through the middle of the firehouse garage floor. Ben Franklin Plumbing was able to make the repairs […]