Naperville Illinois Broken Sewer Cost-Sharing Program

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In tough economic times like these, trying to save money is at the top of everyone’s priority list. It’s not only homeowners trying to save money though. Cities and municipalities are also looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. One major expense facing municipalities is due to infiltration and inflow, or I&I. I&I […]


Plumbing Problems in Packer Country

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Many readers don’t realize this, but Ben Franklin Northern Illinois services more than just northern Illinois. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois also services Chicagoland, southern Wisconsin and Ben Franklin Northern Illinois even did a job for the University of Illinois in Urbana. This particular job was done in a suburb of Milwaukee. The owners of this […]


Clay Tile Sewer Pipe Disaster in Mount Prospect

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CLAY TILE SEWER PIPE DISASTER IN MOUNT PROSPECT Sewer pipes come in several different materials. Each type has it’s usefulness, but bad consequences. A particular home in Mount Prospect happened to have it’s sewer made from clay tile. Clay tile is a cheap and widely used material to build a network of sewer pipes. Stability […]

Rockford Jefferson High School

Another School Saved From Having to Dig Up Grounds

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Jefferson High School in Rockford had a major problem. A pipe in the school had rotted to the point of leaking sewage through the concrete wall in the weight room. The gym and football equipment, as well as the lockers full of gym clothes were almost completely contaminated by this raw sewage. Worse still, was […]


College Stays Open During Pipe Break

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A broken sewer pipe under the administrative admission offices at Oakton Community College was causing big problems enrolling new students this fall. The problem was discovered the first day of enrollment and literally shut down offices. The problem needed to be solved and right now! The school maintenance crew was ready to dig up the […]