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Spokes is a premier bicycle dealer with locations in Wheaton and Naperville Illinois. It is so popular, out of a total of over 3,200 bike shops in the country it was voted in the top 100. Business is great, and the shops are doing well, but the owner’s La Grange property was another story.

His home was almost 100 years old, and the old clay tile sewer was in rough shape. To make matters worse, the owner had a catch basin that was paved over for the driveway, and the broken sewer line ran all the way under the city street. With more than 70 feet of broken clay tile pipe, the homeowner was at a loss. Frustrated, the homeowner had several contractors come in to quote a permanent fix to his problem. Due to price, and time of repair, he wasn’t satisfied with any of the contractors. That is, until Ben Franklin Northern Illinois came into the picture. The preliminary camera inspection showed several problems with the sewer. Everything from roots, to cracks, to misaligned joints. Mark, from Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, told the homeowner the fully certified, licensed, and trained crew could dig a cleanout in the front yard, line the sewer toward the catch basin, then out toward the street. This would give the homeowner a front yard cleanout, a brand new sewer, a 50 year transferable warranty, and all at a fraction of the cost as digging the sewer up the traditional way. The homeowner was ecstatic, and in just a day and a half, the job was completely done.

Can it really be that simple? Yes!

Ben Franklin Northern Illinois uses the revolutionary Perma-Liner Technology to re-line the sewer, and can do so through several different sizes and materials. Perma-Liner works by first accessing the sewer pipe. Once at the pipe, the whole line gets hydro-jetted. A hydro-jet is essentially a pressure washer for your pipes. Once the pipe is cleaned, it is ready to be re-lined. There are several different methods  of lining a sewer. The method used by the lining technicians was the inversion method. This works by cutting the pipe to exact length, mixing the chemicals,(what harden the pipe) and shooting it in the existing pipe with air pressure. Once the chemicals cure, (8-12 hours) you have a brand new sewer pipe with a 50 year warranty. It’s that simple!

Do you have an older home?

You probably have old pipes!

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois today!


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