Saving a Flying Ear

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Picture taken from Harry Weese’s book.

DeKalb Illinois Ag mogul Tom Roberts III, commissioned a house to be built by renowned architect and Chicago area native Harry Weese in the early 1970’s. Harry Weese’s work was so celebrated that he is labeled as, “the architect who shaped Chicago’s skyline.” He also had led the renovations on important buildings such as the Adler Planetarium, The Field Museum of Natural History, and the Chicago Orchestra Hall. Among the many quirks of the house, was a pool in the shape of an ear of corn. In fact, the bottom of the pool bore the famed DeKalb flying ear of corn.

Fast-forward to present and the current homeowners, who were planning a big 80th birthday for their father. The party had been planned, the food had been purchased, and the invitations were sent. there was only one thing not ready…the pool. the pool, while looking great on the surface, had a very real problem underneath. A camera inspection unveiled ¬†major cracks in the water lines and drain pit. ¬†Water was leaking everywhere, and the iconic pool was in serious danger. Beautiful trees, landscaping, and the pool itself, needed to be torn up to fix the problem, the conventional way!

Luckily, the homeowners were customers of Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, and were even members of the “Ben Society.” Under a time crunch, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois stepped up to the plate. Sending fully certified, licensed, and trained professionals immediately to the job site, and armed with the latest in Perma-Liner Technology, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to re-line the cracked pipe from within the pipe itself. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, with the assistance of Perma-Liner technology, were able to save the trees, landscaping, and pool, allowing the party to commence without a hitch. The homeowners know they will never have to worry again with a 50 year, fail-safe, transferable warranty provided by not only Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, but Perma-Liner as well.

Do you have a beloved house or water feature in danger of leaking?

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