Chicago Public Schools Prefer Ben Franklin Plumbing

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In many places around the country, schools have just started another year. The last minute details and cleaning have just finished, and the school lies in wait. This is also the time where if a major problem did occur, it would be even more difficult to recover. The Chicago Public Schools, to save room, can have multiple different schools in the same building. If a major problem occurs, it needs to be dealt with, and fast.

At the Thurgood Marshall and Disney II schools, such a problem took place one week before the first bell had rung. The roof drain, made out of old broken cast iron pipe, was leaking into the schools auditorium and gymnasium. It got so bad that much of the gym floor had to be ripped up and replaced. The camera inspection showed a tremendous buildup of scale due to the deterioration of the old pipe. Due to the level of deterioration, this particular pipe was beyond repair and needed to be completely replaced. Seeing how the building exceeded 50 feet in height, ripping apart the side of the building, the walls in four classrooms, the auditorium, and parts of the basement a week before school started was not an option. Luckily for the schools, and the tax payers of Chicago, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois came to the rescue.

First, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois had to get rid of the scale inside the pipe. The only option for this is a hydro-jet, which is essentially a pressure washer for the inside of the pipes. Once cleared, the pipe is ready to be re-lined. In emergencies like these, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois uses the revolutionary Perma-Liner Trenchless Technology. Perma-Liner is leading the way in sewer and drain pipe replacement.

Perma-Liner Trenchless Technology, offered by Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, allows the pipe to be re-lined from inside the existing pipe itself. Cut to exact specifications, it is then soaked in resin. Air pressure takes it the rest of the way, and after the 12 hour cure time, VOILA! A brand new pipe with a 50 year transferable warranty. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois offers such a tremendous warranty because of the nature of the pipe. Unlike clay, cast, PVC, etc, perma-liner pipes are seamless and don’t allow room for roots, mud, or old pipe to penetrate it. Think about it! A new sewer with little to no digging. In this case, it took only two days.

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