Fall Savings from Ben Franklin Plumbing!

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$100 OFF Sump Pump Back-up System Installed $100 OFF Purchase of Water Heater or Water Conditioning System $179 DRAINVISION with approved access point – Regularly $299! Click on image above for full sized pdf!


Naperville Illinois Broken Sewer Cost-Sharing Program

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In tough economic times like these, trying to save money is at the top of everyone’s priority list. It’s not only homeowners trying to save money though. Cities and municipalities are also looking for ways to save money anywhere they can. One major expense facing municipalities is due to infiltration and inflow, or I&I. I&I […]


Poll Shows Americans Worry About Water Quality

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August is National Water Quality Month, a good time to focus on preserving this critical resource. A recent Gallup poll shows that 60% of Americans say they worry a great deal about pollution of drinking water. According to the same poll, more people are concerned about water pollution than global warming or extinction of some […]