Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in sewer repair, sewer replacement, sewer cleaning and sewer pipe repair in DeKalb and Kane Counties. Our sewer technicians can diagnose and solve any sewer related problem you may be experiencing.

There are times when sewer pipes from the house to the sewer can become clogged and the waste water will not be able to flow out of the system. Often, these clogs are caused by objects like a child’s toy or a sock that was forced down the drain. Other times, the clogs are caused by the tree roots. Water vapor from the pipes attracts tree roots which travel long distances seeking moisture. Before you know it, they’ve taken over you sewer pipe, causing a major clog only a professional plumber can handle. If your drainage system slows down or if you hear a gurgling noise coming from the toilet, there’s a good chance you’ve got a serious clog.

In many cases our plumbers still use the traditional drain snake to cut blockages out of underground pipes. A snake is a long, thin steel band with a heavy point on one end. It is very flexible and can be worked around bends until it comes in contact with an object that caused the clog. You can either push the object through the pipe or break it in pieces which can be carried out by the water.

If you need the best pipe repair Chicago has to offer, look no further. When faced with more severe clogs, Ben Franklin’s plumbers realize that a drain snake may not always do the trick. In these situations we use the strong blast of the high-pressure water jet system. High pressure water jet system works great when you have built up layers of grease or large amounts of residue.