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How the Perma-Liner System Works Cured in place pipelining (CIPP):

Inversion Method
permalinerhdFor re-lining building & home service laterals, we offer single access pipe re-lining systems to rehabilitate existing building service laterals.

Pull in Place Method pulled-in-place-system[1]

Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place system is the alternative to digging and replacing sewer branch lines from residential and commercial properties around the world! No other system can match the ease of installation and quality materials available from Perma-Liner Industries, Inc.

permalinerpipeA project can be completed in less than one day. The line is cleaned and inspected with a mini inspection system. The measurement of the lateral length is taken. The Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place uses a PU coated needle felt tube, referred to as Navi Liner. The tubular material is impregnated with a two part 100% solids epoxy resin. The impregnated tube is pulled into place allowing the resin to bond and seal with the existing host.

perma-liner-machines-lineupYour lateral is then put back into operation that same day!

No Digging!
The Perma-Liner Pull-In-Place Pipelining System is 100% trenchless.
No digging up floors, landscaping or tearing up walls.

Ability to line around multiple bends and vertical stacks
while stopping and starting anywhere in the line.


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