How Clogged or Collapsed Sewers are Replaced

Collapsed sewers or clogged sewers can result from improper plumbing maintenance or improper waste disposal practices. They can be a major problem both for homeowners and for business owners, as clogged or collapsed sewers can take a substantial amount of time to replace. Trenchless repair or sewer replacement in Naperville IL has become a primary method of dealing with clogged or collapsed sewers because it requires minimal digging and allows business to continue as usual. Trenchless repairs are convenient and can save both time and money in the majority of cases.

Sewers do not clog very easily

Most sewer lines are at least 4 – 6 inches in diameter, so they are not the type of pipe that is regularly clogged like some of the drains that can be found in homes. Sewer lines are designed to allow large objects to pass through, but there is still a limit to the size and the capacity of every sewer line. Many sewer line clogs are caused by tree root invasions, which occur when tree roots seek out the water and nutrients that is found in sewer lines.

Tree root invasions can cause permanent damage

Tree root invasions can crack sewer lines and cause part of them to collapse, and the damage can be significant. The longer that tree roots are allowed to grow in sewer lines, the more damage that they will cause. In many cases, a sewer replacement in Naperville, IL is necessary, while in other cases a repair can be made or the tree roots can be eliminated with a mechanical snake or other method. Sewer line clogs can be difficult to deal with, but a professional plumbing company can find the cause of the clog and repair the sewer as needed. For more information about sewer repair or replacement, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.