Is Trenchless Sewer Replacement a Good Option?

Older or outdated sewers often need to be replaced, and trenchless sewer replacement in Elgin, IL is often a preferred option for it. Outdated sewers can have several issues like corrosion, tree root invasion, and other problems that require a part of the sewer or the entire sewer line to be replaced. Trenchless sewer replacement can avoid the cost and the trouble of having to dig a large trench in order to replace a sewer line, and no matter how large or small the job is, trenchless methods can be used to fix it.

Trenchless sewer replacement protects landscaping from damage

Trenchless sewer replacement in Elgin, IL is often a preferred method because it protects the landscaping from damage. Trenchless methods only require one or two small access holes to be dug, and these holes are relatively easy to repair. You may have important or expensive landscape elements such as trees, bushes, flowers, or other components of your landscape that may need to be moved or destroyed during trenching. Homeowners and business owners that are concerned about their reputation or who don’t want to deal with moving landscaping can significantly benefit from trenchless sewer replacement.

It’s cost effective and time saving

Another main benefit of trenchless sewer replacement in Elgin IL is the fact that it’s cost effective and it saves time. The method can be substantially faster than trenching and can reduce the time that a particular job takes by several days. There is no need to hire an excavation company to dig a trench, and the plumbing repair company can usually handle the entire job. The cost is usually on par if not less than the cost of trenching. If you are considering trenchless sewer replacement or if you would like to learn more about it, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.