Ben Franklin Plumbing Gets Busses Rolling


Westway Coaches in Lemont Illinois supplies busses for schools, charters, sports teams, even bachelor and bachelorette parties. Westway Coaches have such a large fleet, they have multiple maintainence facilities. Business was flowing very well, unfortunately the sewer was not. The sewer line was composed of old, corroded, and broken cast iron pipe and was causing backups regularly. […]

Rock-Garden Almost Hits Rock-Bottom

image (12)

Two homeowners in Mendota Illinois had built a beautiful rock-garden in their front yard that made you feel as if you were in Arizona. In fact, that’s exactly what they were going for. They spent years, and thousands of dollars, picking out the exact variety of plants, decor, rocks, etc, making it the perfect desert […]

Orangeburg Nightmare in Marengo

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Orangeburg pipe is a very tricky material to work with. It was used in sewer pipes primarily between 1940 and 1960. Orangeburg pipe got its name from the town it originated in, Orangeburg, New York. The reason this pipe was an attractive option in sewer work is because is contains no metals, which were used […]

Overhaul of the Chicago O’Hare Marriott

Marriott Chicago O'Hare

If you did a Google search on hotels near O’Hare International Airport, the Chicago O’Hare Marriott is the first listing that comes up. The Marriott hotel chain is among the most famous of hotel chains in the world. Most people don’t know there were seven original Marriott’s built, and the one located at Chicago O’Hare is […]

Cast Iron Collapse in Cary


Many people think cast iron pipes are the way to go. They are supposed to be strong, durable, and inexpensive, but this is not always the case. Due to the contents inside the sewer, cast iron is subject to rust and rot. There are three major reasons cast iron sewer pipes lead to backups. The […]

Freezing Cold Collapse in Woodridge


Bone-chilling temperatures have gripped the Midwest all winter long. The Chicagoland area has seen a record number of consecutive days below zero (not including windchill factors). Unfortunately for homeowners, bad weather does not stop problems from happening. In reality, extreme weather in any form compounds the initial problem, making the situation much worse. A homeowner […]

Plumbing Problems in Packer Country


Many readers don’t realize this, but Ben Franklin Northern Illinois services more than just northern Illinois. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois also services Chicagoland, southern Wisconsin and Ben Franklin Northern Illinois even did a job for the University of Illinois in Urbana. This particular job was done in a suburb of Milwaukee. The owners of this […]

Clay Tile Sewer Pipe Disaster in Mount Prospect


CLAY TILE SEWER PIPE DISASTER IN MOUNT PROSPECT Sewer pipes come in several different materials. Each type has it’s usefulness, but bad consequences. A particular home in Mount Prospect happened to have it’s sewer made from clay tile. Clay tile is a cheap and widely used material to build a network of sewer pipes. Stability […]

Ben Franklin Northern Illinois saves rustic log cabin home


A beautiful log cabin home in Warrenville had a tough problem to fix. The previous owner of the home had elaborate landscaping throughout the lawn. The previous owner also made it so all of the storm water from the neighbors was funneled through a stream to a retention pond that filled up, then flowed through […]

Another School Saved From Having to Dig Up Grounds

Rockford Jefferson High School

Jefferson High School in Rockford had a major problem. A pipe in the school had rotted to the point of leaking sewage through the concrete wall in the weight room. The gym and football equipment, as well as the lockers full of gym clothes were almost completely contaminated by this raw sewage. Worse still, was […]

Saving a Flying Ear


DeKalb Illinois Ag mogul Tom Roberts III, commissioned a house to be built by renowned architect and Chicago area native Harry Weese in the early 1970′s. Harry Weese’s work was so celebrated that he is labeled as, “the architect who shaped Chicago’s skyline.” He also had led the renovations on important buildings such as the […]

Wendys Sewer Fixed Overnight


Wendy’s restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois was facing a big problem. The cast iron sewer pipes in the restaurant were “rotted out” from the years of soda pop going down them. The bad pipes were located under the drive-thru lane where they connected to the manhole. The sewer kept backing on up them and the health […]

Sycamore Middle School Problem Fixed With Perma-Liner


Sycamore Middle School had a big problem; a couple of pipes were broken that were hooked to the roof drains above the main administration offices. During heavy rains the offices would flood and with school about to start soon, something had to be done.  And it needed to be done fast. The problem was that the […]

Ben Franklin Plumbing Comes Thru in Emergency at Northwestern’s Hospital in Grayslake

Grays Lake Surgery Center

Pepper Construction had a serious problem at Northwestern Grayslake’s new Surgery Center in Grayslake, Il. recently.  Northwestern Grayslake Hospital’s 2011, $49 million expansion consists of 70,900 square feet in new construction with the surgery center as its centerpiece. The expansion was awarded LEED Certification by the US Green Building Council. LEED is a performance oriented […]

Cast Iron Drains + Soda Pop = Problem that we can fix!


Crabby’s Pub in Stickney, Il., owned and operated by a retired Cicero Fire Chief and his wife, had a big problem. The 50 year old cast iron drains under the bar and main seating area were rotted out from the years of soda pop eating away at them. The smell from the stagnant beer and […]

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