Getting a Sewer Inspection in Elgin Saves You Valuable Time and Money

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Sewer InspectionWithout a doubt, sewers are one of the last things that many homeowners think about when they think about home repairs. That being said, these kinds of repairs are among the most annoying and common things to have to fix.

Sewer breaks smell bad, and it contaminate your home or business. It could also cost you a lot of money in very severe home damage due to water or mold. While there are some signs to look for when you’re wondering whether you need a sewer inspection, most of the time your sewer pipes don’t look like they need to be repaired until disaster strikes.

When your sewer pipes finally do break, your home would be filled with over 10 gallons of filthy sewage water per minute (which could easily ruin anyone’s day). This is why getting a sewer inspection in Elgin saves you time, money, and headache. When you follow a proper regimen for maintaining and inspecting your sewer lines, you can take care of issues before they happen. This means that your service isn’t interrupted, your business isn’t stalled, and you save money (in water, repair costs, and lost productivity). It can also save prospective sellers of a property a lot of money- leading to a better asking price.

Here Are a Few Specific Examples of How Getting a Sewer Inspection in Elgin Saves You Valuable Time and Money:

No Surprises on Your Sewer Lines

Nobody wants to be surprised by complications that could potentially cost thousands of dollars. When sales are delayed, more money is lost, and complications get multiplied. No matter what business you’re in, time is money. Sewer inspections are one way to reduce delays that arise when closing a deal.

You Won’t Have to Fork Over a Lot of Cash in the Future

One of the best reasons to invest in a sewer inspection is because they’re speedy and effective at finding issues. This means that problems can be resolved instantly (before homes or businesses are even listed) and any previous issues are documented.

Both Sellers and Buyers Feel More Comfortable

These days, qualified buyers and sellers are hard to come by. When people realize that there are issues that they might have to deal with, they often walk away from a purchase because repairs are so costly and a hard to foresee. Additionally, many homeowners are unaware of ways to fix their sewer lines (such as trenchless options or pipe bursting). They initially worry about tearing up existing structures or landscaping. Many sellers are then forced to go back to square one, wasting their valuable time and resources.

Potential Legal Action or Lawsuits

As a potential seller of a home or business; buyers can contend that sellers should have known a problem existed and sue for compensation for fixing them. Most of the time, these repairs would be covered under homeowners insurance, but not after a problem arises. Video sewer inspections are inexpensive and pinpoint any potential issues, giving sellers a chance to fix the issue. Additionally, contractors can provide immediate repair options that can save homeowners up to 30-50% on repairs, helping improve a seller’s bottom dollar.

Don’t waste your time or money! Get a sewer inspection in Elgin at the best price possible! Just get ahold of us today for a quote on your sewer inspection. With all of our discounts and cost-effective services, you might spend a lot less than you thought you would!

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