Plumbing Problem Under Pool

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Inground pools have been the symbol of leisure and relaxation for thousands of years. The luxury of owning an inground pools can make you the envy of your neighborhood and allow you to host terrific parties and BBQ’s. Owning an inground pool can also be very expensive. The average cost of equipment, maintenance, and piping runsin the tens of thousands. Not to mention the initial cost of the digging , concrete, and lining.
So what do you do when you have a sewer backup only to find that upon camera inspection, the sewer has collapsed and runs underneath the entire length of the deck, lawn, and pool itself? A couple in Winnebago Illinois had to ask themselves that very question. The old school way to fix this problem is to rip up the deck, yard, and pool. Then trench dig a pipe 10 feet deep the entire 100 feet to the city main. It works, but it takes months and costs tens of thousands of dollars, and you are still left with a mess. Wouldn’t you like to hear of a newer, better, and cheaper solution that leaves your beautiful pool completely in tact? Ben Franklin Northern Illinois has!
Ben Franklin Northern Illinois has teamed up with Perma-Liner Trenchless Technologies to offer you the homeowner a way out of this mess. It works by cutting the liner to exact length so there are no seams or joints for roots to intrude. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois then cleans out the pipe with the hydro-jetting process. Once the pipe is cleared of debris, and the perma liner pipe is measured and cut, its ready to go. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois then soaks the material in an epoxy resin and blows in the new sewer with air pressure. After only 8-12 hours of cure time, you have a brand new sewer. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois is so confident that they back up their work with a 50 year transferable warranty. All this at fractions of time and cost of the old school way.
Do you have an inground pool?

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