Wendys Sewer Fixed Overnight

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Wendy’s restaurant in DeKalb, Illinois was facing a big problem. The cast iron sewer pipes in the restaurant were “rotted out” from the years of soda pop going down them. The bad pipes were located under the drive-thru lane where they connected to the manhole. The sewer kept backing on up them and the health department was on the verge of shutting them down until the problem was fixed.

Not sure what exactly to do, they called Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois and got on the 24hr emergency response schedule. The Ben Franklin crew worked through the night installing their Perma-Liner Trenchless sewer system to repair the pipes without having to dig them up.

The Wendy’s restaurant was able to keep the drive-though open while the work was performed during the night and stay open for business as usual the following day, saving them thousands in repairs and lost revenue. The Wendy’s restaurant passed the health department’s inspection and the problem was solved efficiently by Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois.

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