Sycamore Middle School Problem Fixed With Perma-Liner

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Sycamore Middle School had a big problem; a couple of pipes were broken that were hooked to the roof drains above the main administration offices. During heavy rains the offices would flood and with school about to start soon, something had to be done.  And it needed to be done fast.

The problem was that the pipes were leaking under the cement floor and to repair them conventionally would have meant moving out all the office furniture and relocating the employees for weeks. That’s when they decided to call certified Perma-Liner installer Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois.

Ben Franklin Plumbing’s crew was able to start right away and solved the problem in two days at a fraction of the cost, saving the taxpayers money as well as the hassle of having to dig. Got tough plumbing and or sewer problems? Do what the big guys do and call in Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois. We can help you too!

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