Sewer Repair Aurora & Your No Dig Options

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Sewer RepairSewer problems and sewer repair Aurora can bring on nightmares for a homeowner. Whether it’s a leak, a clog or a deteriorating pipe, a sewer line that doesn’t work is a major inconvenience. Family members can’t use the bathroom, kitchen sinks, dishwasher or clothes washer.

It is also expensive and disruptive to fix. But trenchless technology now offers practical alternatives to standard methods of sewer repair Aurora. Here is a look at how it can save you money and inconvenience.

Conventional Sewer Repair

The usual method of fixing a sewer starts with the contractor digging multiple trenches in your yard. He must first locate the sewer line, then find the problem and fix it. All of this means that your expensive landscaping is dug up and ruined.

It can even require workers to cut through walls and floors in garages and houses, and through the surfaces of patios, walkways and driveways. If these structures are in the way, the contractor must get through them in order to find and fix the line. Up to about 15 years ago, there simply was no alternative.

In many localities, the owner must also pay to dig up the street to get to the sewer line in front of the house. He is responsible for the cost to the city for redirecting traffic and for repairing any damage that occurs to city property. The expense adds up quickly.

Happily, homeowners who need sewer repair Aurora now have no dig options.

Trenchless Sewer Repair, the Better Option

With trenchless sewer repair, homeowners have an alternative that is often more cost-effective and is definitely less disruptive. Like the name says, trenchless methods require very little digging. There are two techniques available.

Pipe lining. This is often referred to as the CIPP method, cured-in-place pipes. A flexible tube is pulled into pipe that is damaged. The new pipe is coated with resin and filled with air. As the resin hardens, a new pipe is created.

This pipe-within-a-pipe makes the interior diameter of your sewer pipe slightly smaller. But experts say it isn’t enough to noticeably reduce its capacity to remove the wastewater from your home.

Just one hole needs to be dug in your yard when the plumber uses this method. The new pipe is corrosion resistant and jointless. Both of these features mean it is less prone to problems in the future.

Pipe bursting. With this method the contractor pulls a cable through the damaged pipe. At the same time, the old pipe is fractured in an outward direction. This technique can even be used when the old pipe has collapsed.

With pipe bursting, two holes are dug, one on either side of the old pipe.

Does the Repair Last?

The new pipes meet or exceed industry standards. They will last for 50 years or more. Because they are jointless, there is less risk that tree roots will intrude into the sewer line. They also resist corrosion. Since corrosion is one of the major causes of pipe deterioration, these pipes degrade more slowly than standard pipes.

What About Cost?

Trenchless methods often cost more upfront, but they are considered cost-effective. Homeowners don’t have to spend money to restore landscaping, driveways, walkways and patios. This additional cost can dramatically drive up the overall cost of sewer repair Aurora when added on to the basic pipe work.

Owners also don’t have to worry about paying the local municipality to dig up sewer lines on city streets and for other related costs.

Call today for a information about your no dig options and a free, no-obligation estimate for sewer repair Aurora.

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