Sewer Line Repair Options in Elgin Including Trenchless Repair

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CIPP TechnologyWhen you think about sewer repairs you probably imagine mounds of dirt and large trenches messing up your landscape. You’re unsure what caused the problem; collapsed sewer pipes, tree roots interfering with pipes, or perhaps the pipes have corroded. Before you commit to an expensive repair, make sure you check all your options as there might be an alternative solution for you in Elgin.

Trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless sewer repair allows your sewer to be fixed without digging up driveways, sidewalks, yards, or gardens. When no large excavation is needed, there is less disruption to your daily routine and much less mess.
With the trenchless sewer repair there are two small access holes made which are only about 4 feet x 4 feet. Through these two holes the company can repair pipes that have broken or unclog pipes using different methods.

Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting is one method of trenchless sewer repair and works well in replacing plastic, orangeburg, or clay drain pipes and lines. These materials are generally found in the older sewer systems. To perform a pipe bursting a special head is put through the affected sewer line and literally destroys the old pipe. While the head bursts the old pipe, it pulls behind a new pipe that is put in place of the old one. The clay, orangeburg, and plastic are the materials that work best with the pipe bursting method, with other material pipe lining is a better option.

Pipe liners

If the pipes are cast iron or if the inside of the pipes are in good condition then the method of pipe liners is preferable. This involves slipping a smaller sized pipe into the leaking or broken pipe for a permanent repair. The most popular and preferred method, however; is the cured in place pipe.

Cured in place pipe

When having to replace corroded or collapsed sewer lines the cured in place pipe method can access affected drains through the rooftop. This method is not always possible for sewer repair; it is used for specific purposes such as; pressurized water, potable water, hot/cold water, and few other situations.

Sewer line repair

You can find trenchless sewer repair in Elgin and throughout Illinois. Experienced and knowledgeable experts are available to perform all types of trenchless sewer repair and drain and water line replacement. Sewer lines are an important part of your complete plumbing system. These lines are much like your water lines that run underground. The sewer line is a much larger pipe that carries wastewater out of your home and into your sewer system.
The first step to find the source of a sewer line problem involves sending a camera down into the piping. Snaking a small camera through the line will allow an expert to visually inspect and determine the issue with your system. When the problem is discovered, a sewer professional can discuss your options and decide the best approach to resolve your Elgin sewer repair.

Signs you may have a problem

Some of the conditions or signs you will notice when you have a bad, broken, or corroded sewer pipe:
* Your bathtub will not drain or begins draining very slowly.
* You detect an odor in your basement which could mean sewage is not making out to the city sewer system or septic tanks.
* Sewage begins backing up in your bathtub or toilet.
* You hear gurgling noises coming from your toilet.
* There is no water in your toilet.

As soon as signs are noticed that your sewer pipes are not functioning properly, contact a professional immediately. Sewage backup can cause serious health issues and should be addressed quickly.

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