Saving Taxpayers’ Money By Using Trenchless Technology

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Municipal Sewer SolutionsThe City of Naperville is committed to eliminating sanitary sewer backups that are caused by heavy rainfall. Backups occur during heavy rains because water enters the sanitary sewer system through cracks and other defects in sewer mains, manholes, and residential service laterals.

Residential service laterals are a major point of entry for unwanted rainwater and groundwater. Naperville is using cured-in-place-pipelining (CIPP) to create a strong, durable, and seamless lining inside of the existing residential service laterals. This three-step process involves very little excavation. Trenchless no-dig technologies are more cost-effective and less disruptive than conventional excavation.

The City of Naperville’s Department of Public Utilities-Water is now in the tenth year of a comprehensive sewer rehabilitation program using trenchless technology to line their sewer systems. Sanitary sewer rehabilitation is already paying off. The ongoing elimination of groundwater infiltration has resulted in a measurable decrease in incoming flow at the Springbrook wastewater treatment plant, which translates into lower operating costs for the facility.


Certified Perma LinerPerma-Liner™ is the Industry leader in manufacturing Municipal lining products.

Perma-Liner™ has developed a non-intrusive way to correct Main Line Sewer Pipeline and Lateral Pipeline connection problems. The 100% Epoxy InnerSealTM resin technology has excellent bonding properties and does not contain styrene. The Epoxy resin will not shrink and will seal water infiltration during the entire process!

Call Ben Franklin Plumbing today to see how we can reduce costs for your municipality too! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois is proud to be a certified Perma-Liner installer for Chicago and all of Chicagoland including Naperville, Yorkville, Aurora, Downers Grove and all of the Fox Valley area.


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