Plumbing Problems in Packer Country

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Many readers don’t realize this, but Ben Franklin Northern Illinois services more than just northern Illinois. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois also services Chicagoland, southern Wisconsin and Ben Franklin Northern Illinois even did a job for the University of Illinois in Urbana. This particular job was done in a suburb of Milwaukee.

The owners of this home were die-hard Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packer fans. They had close to a thousand little trinkets, souvenirs, and paraphernalia in virtually every nook and cranny in the basement. Everything in the home was going great, until the sewer started backing up. The home owners would have the sewer rodded, but the backups would persist.The camera inspection revealed a sewer line that ran under the completely finished basement seventy-five feet out to the city main, and was falling apart. It just so happened all the souvenirs were neatly and meticulously displayed. To rip up the basement, bushes, a tree, and a sidewalk would have been a pricey and timely hassle.

Luckily for the couple, they had a son in the trades who had heard about sewer lining. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois sent fully certified, licensed, and trained installers to the home. Equipped with the latest in Perma-Liner technology, Ben Franklin Northern Illinois was able to completely re-line the existing pipe through only a small access pit in the basement leaving the barrage of paraphernalia unblemished. Ben Franklin Northern Illinois, with the assistance of Perma-Liner technology, was in and out of the house in only  matter of two days.

Do you have a finished basement?

Do you know the condition of your sewer pipe?

Call Ben Franklin Northern Illinois for a sewer inspection today!!

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