What is a St. Charles IL Roof Drain Lining?

Roof Drain LiningSt. Charles IL roof drain lining involves the use of professional resin material to repair the existing vertical pipes on your building’s roof. This process is a great way to improve the life of your building’s equipment and save money in the process. The pipe’s overall integrity is not just reestablished but it is improved based on the usage of the pre-existing pipe as a shell from the elements to the new, resin pipe.

Why do Roof Drains Require Repair?

After years of harsh weather and feet of precipitation, your building’s roof drain pipes are likely in need of some attention. Just as with any other building equipment, roof drains can become damaged, causing leaks, flooding, and more! Repairing your roof drain pipes is important in preventing major damage from occurring to your building. Faulty roof drain pipes can flood your building’s roof, causing a major buildup of water with the potential to cave in the roof under all of the pressure. One of the options for roof drain pipe repair which has gained popularity recently, CIPP, is a cost conscious option for your consideration.

How does it work?

Known as a cured in place pipe, St. Charles IL CIPP works by sealing the cracks, leaks, and bubbles of your existing pipes, creating a new shell to protect the pipe. This new shell reduces inner pipe diameter by just 3-5% and leaves plenty of room for roof wastewater to be evacuated. The epoxy resin used to seal the pipe is applied soft, and cures to create a hard, long lasting pipe. This process is much different than typical roof drain repair, St. Charles roof drain lining does not require any excavation, exhumation or destruction of building structure. This non-invasive approach to a common application will change the way you view pipe work!

Is Roof Drain Lining the Best Option for Me?

With most applications, the answer to the above question is a resounding yes. Using St. Charles IL CIPP allows you to get the best value in updating your piping system. Roof Drain pipe lining is especially great for commercial applications due to the fast and non-invasive process. By retaining preexisting piping there is no need to shut down for a massive project as a full replacement would demand. Although certain, unusual circumstances may restrict your options, roof drain repair through the use of CIPP will save you time and money in refurbishing your building.

Why Roof Drain Lining is the Best Option

If your building’s roof drains are in need of repair, skip the hassle of conducting a traditional roof drain renovation and choose CIPP. This is the smart option for both the cost conscious and environmentally friendly. Without the need for new construction materials and replacement pipes, you save the cost of those materials and are environmentally friendly in doing so! CIPP processes ensure that the new pipe lining functions on par with standard replacement piping, which means your systems efficiency and usefulness remains intact.