Why Sewer Replacement is Necessary Sometimes

Sewer replacement in Schaumburg, IL is sometimes necessary because sewer lines can break down overtime or may be outdated. If your home is 40 to 50 years old and the sewer lines have never been updated, you may start getting problems like clogged sewers due to tree roots, sewer line collapses or other issues. Sewer replacement is necessary in order to update out of date sewer lines, and it can be used for several different types of sewer repairs. Trenchless sewer replacement is preferable when sewers need to be replaced, and some of the most common reasons for sewer replacements will be described in this article.

Sewers start to have problems over time

Over time, sewers will start to have problems such as tree root breaking into them and causing clogs or slowing down the rate of water flow, corrosion, other types of damage from the environment, cracking or collapsing, and leaking. These problems occur more often in older sewer lines. Homes that have not had their sewer lines updated since they were first built are more likely to have sewer problems, and may need a sewer replacement in Schaumburg, IL in the near future.

If your drain is giving you problems you may need an inspection

It’s recommended to get an inspection as soon as you start noticing sewer problems, as it’s likely that you have a clog or other problem with your sewer line. It’s even more important to contact a professional sewer company when you know that your sewer line is outdated. You may need a partial or full replacement, and the company will be able to tell you how much the replacement will cost and whether or not trenchless methods can be used for it. For more information about sewer replacement, talk to an expert at Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.