Benefits of Trenchless for Sewer Replacement

Pipe bursting and pipe lining is a trenchless sewer replacement method for Elk Grove IL and other cities in Illinois, and it is an effective method of replacing an outdated or broken sewer line without having to dig a large trench. Pipe bursting is cost effective and efficient, and it essentially breaks apart the existing pipe while installing a new pipe right in its place. The method uses the latest technology, and it is proven to work great for many different types of sewer replacement projects, as it protect the landscape from damage.

Trenchless repair is not as labor intensive as excavation

Unlike pipe replacement methods that require trenching, pipe bursting is not as labor intensive, and projects can be completed in a much shorter interval. Pipe bursting usually requires fewer hours than traditional sewer replacement, and as a result labor costs are usually lower. However, it does require specialized equipment and the appropriate licensing to be able to perform the job. With the lower labor requirements, homeowners and business owners can often expect to pay a little less for pipe bursting compared to other methods of sewer replacement.

Pipe lining causes less damage to the landscape

Another important benefit of pipe lining is the fact that it causes much less damage to the landscape. This is a major advantage for business owners that want to ensure that the reputation of their company is protected, and who want to guarantee that their customers can access their business without disruption. The same goes for homeowners who don’t want to disrupt their landscape or deal with time consuming and expensive landscape repairs. There are many other benefits of pipe bursting that can be discussed with a sewer replacement company in Elk Grove, IL. For more information about these benefits or to ask any questions about the method, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.