Benefits of Pipe Lining for Sewer Replacement

Sewer repair or replacement can be costly, but new methods like pipe lining have made sewer replacement in Des Plaines IL more cost effective than ever with lower labor requirements than ever before. Sewer replacement technology continues to involve, and pipe lining is a method that uses some of the best technology and equipment available. It allows a sewer to be repaired without having to replace large sections of it, and it essentially creates a new “pipe within a pipe” so that the existing pipe can be left in place, and the damaged sections can be repaired.

Pipe lining works on several different types of pipes

One of the main benefits of pipe lining is that it can be used for several different types of sewer replacement jobs in Des Plaines IL. No matter how many angles or bends the sewer line has, the method can be effective at repairing the line. It can be used for vertical, horizontal and lateral pipes. This is a major benefit when the sewer line has several bends or is otherwise difficult to completely replace, as it can leave the existing sewer line in place while repairing the damaged sections.

Pipe lining can be focused on the area needing repair

Another major benefit of pipe lining is that it can be focused right on the area needing repair rather than the entire pipe. This is beneficial when there is just one portion of the pipe that has been damaged and needs to be fixed. Pipe lining can stop the intrusion of roots, fix cracks and crevices and essentially create a new pipe while the current pipe can continue to function at the parts that are working properly. In many cases it’s the most cost efficient and effective option for a sewer replacement in Des Plaines, IL. For more information, contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.