Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Replacement in Arlington Heights, IL

Trenchless sewer replacement in Arlington Heights, IL can save you time and money and protect your landscaping from damage. If you have damaged sewer pipes that need to be repaired quickly, trenchless methods are an excellent option because of how much faster they are than other methods that require a trench to be dug. There can be many different causes of sewer damage or obtrusion that can be fixed with a trenchless sewer replacement, and normally damaged sewers are replaced using trenchless methods.

Sewer pipes can deteriorate from several different causes

There are several different reasons why sewer pipes can deteriorate including a lack of maintenance, building of grease or other types of food particles, damage from the environment, and other causes. Once sewer pipes start to break down they often need to be replaced rather than repaired. For example, outdated materials may need to be replaced with more damage resilient materials. Regardless of the reason for the deterioration, trenchless sewer replacement in Arlington, IL can fix the issue quickly and with minimal downtime, ensuring that the sewer is back up and running within the time-frame that the homeowner expects.

Trenchless replacement offers the same quality as trenching

Trenching is still often used to replace sewer pipes, but trenchless replacement offers the same quality that trenching does without the hassle of having to deal with landscape damage or other problems. Trenchless repair is effective for a wide range of different types of sewer damage and it can be used to fix most problems. It is highly effective and guaranteed to work, and the quality of the replaced sewer line will be just like new, whether pipe lining or pipe bursting is used. For more information about trenchless sewer replacement, contact a service professional at Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois today at 630-883-4280.