Should You Get a No Dig Batavia IL Sewer Repair?

Sewer problems arise at the worst of times, especially in the suburbs of Chicago. New technology has been created which allows plumbers to both investigate and repair your sewer system in a non-invasive way. It is crucial that sewer problems be addressed as quickly as possible because of how quickly things may go wrong. Batavia IL pipe lining services allow you to avoid the headache caused by prolonged sewer system distress and prevent the need to dig on your property. This win/win saves you money and time!

Determining the Status of your Sewer

Batavia IL sewer repairIn order to gather a better understanding as to what the status is of your sewer, investigators can utilize small cameras to navigate and capture information about your system. This non-invasive investigatory technique means that not one hole will be dug from start to finish in repairing your sewer system. Some Batavia IL sewer repair providers continue to use invasive, trench based repairs. These repairs can be both costly and destructive to your property. Services like sewer pipe lining allow plumbers to seamlessly repair your sewer by utilizing its current position and creating a new, second layer which allows material to pass.

Determining how to Address Sewer Repair

As with most of the systems in our homes there are a number of ways to fix them, including sewer repair. Traditional techniques which involve digging up the ground around (and sometimes inside of) your home are still in practice today. The best method for your project will be found quickly, and may or may not involve a “no dig” sewer repair; however, it is good to know that the method does exist and that there is an alternative. While your repair could be conducting using traditional methodologies, using the most up to date techniques results in a more professional finish and lower cost to you.

No Dig Sewer Repair

The primary concern for traditional sewer repair is the need for heavy equipment and the excavation of lots of dirt. This smelly, unorganized destruction creates such a mess and requires lots of man hours in order to complete. Batavia IL pipe lining takes a very small portion of the existing overall pipe diameter and creates a smaller, stronger seal. Skilled and experienced professionals repair damaged sewer lines by shooting high strength resin into the pipes requiring repair. After the resin sets the process is complete, and will function just as if the entire sewer had been replaced with new piping. The reduction in the size of the pipe is not a concern as there is still plenty of room for materials to pass easily. In order to further investigate your sewer problems, schedule a Batavia IL sewer repair investigation today.