What is a Dekalb IL Sewer Pipe Relining?

Sewer Pipe LiningGetting a Dekalb IL sewer pipe relining can be necessary when you have a sewer problem that has caused it to deteriorate significantly, and pipe relining can ensure that your sewer line is restored back to normal within a short period of time without having to deal with the troubles of a large dig site. It doesn’t take much time to have a sewer pipe relining performed if you need one, and you’ll be impressed with the results and how quickly your sewer line gets back up and running.

You’ll need to start with a sewer inspection

Before your pipe relining project be sure to perform a Dekalb IL sewer and pipe inspection, and from there your sewer contractor will be able to determine the exact nature of the problem that you’re currently dealing with. There can be a wide range of different potential issues that your sewer system may have. A wide range of potential problems can be caught including tree root invasions, blockages from leaves or other causes, and other problems that can necessitate a repair or sewer replacement or other servicing. No matter what type of issue you’re facing it’s better to start with a sewer inspection upfront so that your problem can be diagnosed in a short period of time and so that an accurate diagnosis of the issue can be made.

Pipe relining involves installing an epoxy liner

If it is determined that you’ll need a sewer repair, you’re much better off choosing the pipe relining method when it’s available. This method involves installing an epoxy liner that coats the interior of the pipe and essentially creates a “pipe within a pipe.” This new pipe is seamless, jointless and functions as a new sewer line that will resist corrosion, tree root invasions, and other potential problems. A Dekalb IL sewer pipe relining service can save you a ton of time and also protect your landscape from damage, and it’s a good idea to choose this method when it is available to you for a sewer repair. You’ll find that not only will you save time, but that your sewer line will function as if it was new.

Be sure to get a sewer inspection first

Before you schedule any kind of sewer repair, it’s essential to get a fully sewer inspection first, and any professional contractor will recommend a full Dekalb IL sewer and pipe inspection prior to starting any relining project or other project. Be sure that you take care of your inspection and schedule one as soon as you start noticing any kind of problems with your sewer system. You’ll end up saving a substantial amount of time by finding the exact source of the problem while also ensuring that your sewer system will remain functional for as long as possible in the future. An inspection is very useful and efficient, and you’ll find it to be very effective whether you need pipe relining or a full sewer replacement.