Why Consider a Des Plaines IL Trenchless Drain Repair?

A Des Plaines IL trenchless drain repair can be a great way to save both time and money on your sewer repair and ensure that it is done well the first time around. Trenchless drain repairs have become a popular method of fixing drains because of their convenience and ability to repair a drain with minimal ground disruption. These types of drain and sewer repairs are used in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal areas, and they come with many benefits compared to other types of drain repairs that require more digging. In general, when a trenchless option is available it’s recommended to use it for the time saving, and it quite often saves money as well.

A trenchless drain repair protects the landscape from disruption

Drain RepairJust like a trenchless Des Plaines IL sewer relining, a trenchless drain repair can protect a landscape from damage and can be performed with just a few smaller access holes. This reduces the time necessary to complete the job and makes it much less complicated for a wide range of different types of repairs. For example, there are many drains located in municipal areas which have streets, sidewalks or other concrete or solid surfaces. Obviously digging a trench in these areas is extremely difficult with large construction sites, but with a trenchless drain repair, drains can be fixed by using a drain liner with an epoxy resin.

Trenchless drain repairs are fast

When a drain needs to be repaired very quickly, a Des Plaines IL trenchless drain repair is the perfect choice because it can get a drain back up and running a relatively short period of time. A trenchless repair doesn’t require landscape disruption and moving anything on the surface, and this can end up saving a large amount of time on any construction project. This makes trenchless repairs a preferred option for many municipal areas and they are often selected when there are no other options. They are fast, convenient and ensure that drains or sewer lines are repaired in the timeframe that they need to be.

Trenchless technology can fix many types of sewer problems

Sewer ReliningTrenchless technology can now be used for Des Plaines IL sewer relining and other types of sewer and plumbing repairs, and it is a popular method for both drain repairs and sewer repairs. In terms of sewer repairs, they are completed faster than ever before and as previously mentioned there is no need to dig a large trench in a yard for a simple sewer repair. A pipe liner is installed with small access holes and the liner essentially functions as a new sewer line, creating a “pipe within a pipe” and allowing the existing sewer line to remain in place. It’s without a doubt one of the best methods for sewer repairs and often preferred when it is a viable option for its many advantages compared to older and outdated methods that sometimes cost more and result in massive amounts of landscape disruption and lost time.