What is an Arlington Heights IL CIPP?

CIPP TechnologyAn Arlington Heights IL CIPP or Cured In Place Pipe is a type of pipe repair that can be used to fix a sewer, gas, water, or chemical pipeline or many other types of pipes, and it is a popular trenchless rehabilitation method that has been used more frequently in recent years because of its increasingly lower cost and more efficient results than repairs that require trenching. A CIPP functions as a “pipe within a pipe” and it is constructed of a long lasting and durable epoxy resin that can function as a new pipe, and the method can be used for a wide range of different types of pipelines including residential, municipal, commercial and industrial.

A CIPP is just one trenchless method

Along with a CIPP, Arlington Heights IL trenchless pipe bursting is another commonly used trenchless repair method that can work for a wide range of different types of pipe systems. Trenchless pipe bursting involves installing a new pipeline while destroying the existing pipeline underground, and it also does not require a trench to be dug as the name suggests. Pipe bursting utilizes a bursting tool to fracture the existing pipe underneath the surface while a new pipe is installed in its place, and it’s another trenchless alternative when a CIPP cannot be used, and there are some instances when pipe bursting is a preferred method over a CIPP.

Both methods are commonly used for a wide range of sewer or pipe repairs

For those interested in trenchless sewer or pipe repairs are commonly performed using an Arlington Heights IL CIPP or trenchless pipe bursting, and both methods are a popular choice. However, traditional repairs that require trench digging are becoming less and less effective and commonly aren’t preferred. A CIPP or trenchless pipe bursting doesn’t take much time compared to trenching and other outdated repair methods, and it is commonly requested or preferred when outdated methods are not a viable option. Trenchless repairs take far less time in most cases and they are also cost efficient, ensuring that a sewer or pipe system can be functional in a short period of time.

Ask about trenchless methods when you have a sewer or pipe issue

If you are dealing with a sewer or pipe issue, it’s recommended to ask about aa Arlington Heights IL trenchless pipe bursting or a CIPP to find out whether or not it’s a viable choice for your particular project. In many cases you’ll find that a trenchless repair can in fact be used and that the cost is very comparable to what you would pay for a repair that requires trenching. Trenchless methods will save you time, keep your landscape or other surface from being disrupted, and ensure that your pipe or sewer is functional in the way that you need it to be with minimal disruption to your life, so it’s highly recommended as an option when it’s available.